Remake Factory is an initiative to re-create the best classic games of all time.


Copyright infringement is a very serious matter, but the idea is to avoid it by not using any copyrighted material, like game assets, music, etc.

This way the games will be distributed legally, and will ship with friendly modding tools so, modding communities could easly replace all the placeholder assets with the actual original ones. This website will link to those communities.


Powerful and modern tools to develop the games.


Please do not judge the graphics of this demo, the game engine used is called Armory3D which is a young but very powerful software, soon it will support ray tracing, which will power the next generation of games, and all our games will support it. Besides Armory, Blender is the main software for 3D content creation, all the tools used for this project are free and open source.


Voxel-Based Global Illumination

High Performance


PBR Shaders

Open Source


Your support makes the difference.

Remake Factory is starting by developer "Aryoksini" as an almost one man team. All donations will go to hire full time professionals so this project can succeed. If the first patreon goal is met, the source code of the game will be released to the public. Your support is highly appreciated.


Try the executable if you want a bit better graphics and performance, windows only for now.